Q&A with Kia Sidbury

McDermott Ambassador Kia Sidbury made a visit to the McDermott Cues headquarters, and we put her on the spot! Kia tells us a bit about herself and how she thinks the sport can be improved. The post Q&A with Kia Sidbury appeared first on McDermott Cue Blog.

Q&A with Mazin Shooni

McDermott Ambassador and 3-Cushion expert Mazin Shooni stopped by the McDermott headquarters, and we put him on the spot! He tells us a bit about himself and answers a few of your questions. The post Q&A with Mazin Shooni appeared first on McDermott Cue Blog.

OnCue: The Butterfly Cue

Back in January, this column featured a cue with decidedly different artwork than most: teddy bears. The E-J5, it was explained, was one in a series of cues thought up by Phyllis McDermott, our founder’s daughter. She wanted to bring more women into the sport, and...