Brian “Superman” Pauley Trick Shots: 3 Rails Through the Rack

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In this episode of our Brian "Superman" Pauley Trick Shots series, Brian gets balls moving, kicking off of 3 rails, before hitting them through the rack while they’re rolling.


Here’s another really cool shot to do with your Lucky jump cue. Is, we’re gonna shoot the object ball three rails. While it’s moving, we’re gonna jump it through the rack and into the pocket.

Now, some people think this shot is pretty difficult. Actually, it’s not that hard at all. It’s actually easier to jump a ball while it’s moving. If you think about it, all you’re doing is redirecting the energy; you’re not creating the energy to move a stationary ball.

But, you gotta get your timing down. So, we’re gonna shoot the 4 ball three rails and then dart-jump it through the rack into the pocket.

Once you get one ball going around down pat, try two balls.

When you get the one and two ball variations, try it one handed.

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