Maintaining Your Cue: Proper Storage

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Your pool cue is an investment. You’ve not only spent money to purchase it, you’ve spent time and energy adjusting to it and learning how to use it to improve your game. Thus, it’s important that you treat your cue with the care it deserves, and there’s no more effective way to keep it in shape than by storing it correctly.

Wooden pool cues face the same challenges as other wood products. Improper storage can cause warping and also swell and crack inlays, rings, finish, and other components. To prevent this, the cue needs consistent environmental conditions. Keep it indoors, in a place that does not experience large changes in temperature or humidity. Never leave your cue in a vehicle for an extended period of time.

If your cue is stored on a rack, make sure that the cue is kept perfectly straight. Wall-mounted racks should not be attached to an exterior wall, as they can transmit outside temperature variations. You should also make sure that the cue is not exposed to direct sunlight, as UV rays can discolor the wood and/or finish.

For extended storage, or storage in a room with a lot of natural light, a cue case is recommended. The case should be laid flat, and it should be left open to allow the movement of air.

As you can see, storing a cue the right way isn’t difficult. By taking these extra steps, you’ll help keep your cue as straight as your stroke, potentially saving yourself hundreds of dollars in the future. Make sure it’s stored properly the next time you finish a game, and while you’re at it, give it a good cleaning.

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