Brian “Superman” Pauley Trick Shots: The Leap Frog Shot

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In our new to the McDermott Blog trick shot series, artistic pool player Brian “Superman” Pauley performs a variety of incredible shots. This shot is the Leap Frog shot. Brian not only demonstrates the shot, but walks you through performing it yourself.


This shot is called the leap frog shot. So we’re gonna jump the 6 ball over the 5 and the 4 into the pocket, jump the 5 ball over the 4 ball into the pocket, and then just shoot the 4 ball into the pocket.

Here’s a tutorial on the Leap Frog jump shot. The first thing you want to do is make sure that all the balls are in a nice, straight line to the pocket. So, you’re just aiming over one ball straight into the pocket. If you’re off-center a little bit, you’re probably going to miss the pocket. So, these balls are approximately a 2 ½ – 3 ball gap, it’s just whatever is the preference for you.

I’m shooting this with the pendulum stroke, so if you’re more of a dart player you can give it a try that way. So, what I’m thinking about when I get down on this is that I’m nice and straight. Make sure to get your aim point [towards the pocket]. Now get your aim point on the ball. Nice, loose wrist. Don’t be afraid to hit it.

So that’s the first part. So now, if you want to, rechalk. There’s no time limit on this one. Same thing: aim it again. Get your spot on the ball. Loose wrist, and snap when you’re ready.

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