How to Adjust the Weight and Balance Point of Your McDermott H-Series Cue

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Our McDermott H-Series is the first line of cues ever to feature the fully-adjustable Variable Balance Point (VBP) weight system. This revolutionary system allows you to customize the weight and balance point to your liking. In this video, Jayme shows you how to add weight to the VBP system and change the balance point.


Hello, I’m Jayme Cernicka. Today I’m going to show you how to adjust the weight and the balance point of our new H-Series cues. Here we have one of our new H550 cues, and first we’re going to weigh the cue. It is approximately 19 ounces. And checking the balance point of this particular cue, it’s coming in at about 19 inches on the balance point.

The first step in adjusting the weight and the balance point is removing the Variable Balance Point system, located inside the cue. To do that, you use the large hex-head (1/4 inch) side of the adjustment tool that is provided. Fully insert that through the hole of the bumper until it stops and turn counter-clockwise. That will allow you to pull out the complete VBP system.

After removing the VBP weight system, the next step is to remove the stabilizers on the top. A little resistance is normal; they’re supposed to be a tight, snug fit. So, what we’re gonna be doing here is adding a 2 ounce weight bolt. This will slide right on top of the existing stabilizer that is on top of the 3 ounce bolt that’s already in position.

Next, we can slide on another stabilizer on top of the weight bolt that we just added. That’ll keep that in position. Then we’re going to add the final 2 stabilizers, putting the middle one equal distance between this one and the top, clear stabilizer, that will be just below the top of the carbon fiber.

If you prefer your cue a little more forward-weighted, you can slide the weights inside the system toward the joint. If you prefer the cue to be rear-weighted, then slide the weights towards the bumper. Keep the bottom stabilizer approximately ½ inch above the bumper. The remaining stabilizers should be equally-spaced throughout the cue.

We can now tighten the weight bolt by using the small (1/16 inch) hex head on the adjustment tool. Tighten up the set screws. Please be careful not to overtighten. We’re now ready to install the VBP system back into the cue. Slide it back in. Again, a little resistance is normal. And we can tighten it back up by inserting the large hex head of the adjustment tool through the hole in the bumper. Fully insert it until it stops and turn clockwise to tighten. And please be careful not to overtighten, as that can strip the bumper.

We can now check the adjustments that we just made. Re-weigh the cue, and we’re approximately 21 ounces. And checking the balance point, it has shifted forward slightly; we’re around 20 inch balance point now. And that’s how you make adjustments to our H-Series Cues. The VBP weight system offers complete control over the weight and balance point of your cue. For more details, visit

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