The E-F8: Understated Luxury

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McDermott EF-8 Cue

McDermott EF-8 Cue

The E-F series of cues from McDermott were the epitome of understated luxury. The cues highlighted their rich woodgrain with a variety of stains and used the finest leather and Irish linen wraps available. Otherwise, the designs were quite simple (with the notable exception of the E-F6). The E-F8, added to the series in 1995, stands out among the rest of the series for its relative complexity. While some of the other models in the series had points in the forearm, the points on the E-F8 also featured a thin outline around them. By far the most interesting deviation from the rest of the series is the ringwork. The sleeve, which features inlaid stars, is surrounded on both sides by three rings: two cocobolo rings with an index ring between them. A similar pattern is repeated at the joint. This sort of complex ringwork was not found on any other cue in the E-F line. With its unique style, the E-F8 occupies an interesting middle-ground between the subtlety of the rest of its class and the more dynamic cues found in other lines of the time. It’s a beautiful addition to any serious collection. The post The E-F8: Understated Luxury appeared first on McDermott Billiards Blog.


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