One of my recent outs in league

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The other night in league I was stripes.  The shot before this image was a cut shot into the corner and I didn't get the leave for an easier shot on the nine ball.  The most bottom right cue ball is where I was left. I couldn't see the 9-ball directly so I had to go rail first with a little bit of top. The dashed line shows how the object ball traveled after the shot. 

It was  a tight window that I was going for but I wanted to then cut the 8-ball into the side pocket to which I missed this by about an inch.  I could of tried to masse around the 6 ball but instead I decided to try to bank the 8 into the opposite side pocket.  I setup with a little bottom left english to bring the cue ball back a little and put a small amount of right on the object ball.  It was a nice shot to end the night on. 

How would you have ran out from the start? If you are interested in how I created this diagram I used ChalkySticks to do it.  They have a pad functionality on their site that seems to work pretty well.

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