D-23: The Rose

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McDermott D-23 Pool Cue

McDermott D-23 Pool Cue

Going into the 1980s, McDermott continued to get more adventurous with its artwork. Elaborate points, inlays and ringwork remained a reliable feature of McDermott cues, but newer methods and technologies enabled the company to add additional artwork to its products.

One of the finest examples of this evolution was the D-23, introduced in 1984. By this point, a few other cues, including the C-20 of 1980, had already included engraved artwork filled with colored epoxy. However, none of those had artwork as intricate and interesting as that on the D-23. The shaft of this cue featured four white circles, each with a detailed red rose inside of it.

The rose proved to be a popular feature of this McDermott cue, and it remains a fan favorite. In 1995 the rose reappeared, in a more detailed form, on the E-F7. In 2002, the rose made another reappearance in the McDermott lineup with the introduction of the MT2. Today, buyers can find two cues featuring the flower: the G435 and the G513.

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