Update for the End of Summer 2018

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It has been a little while since I have last updated my blog. You know how it goes with focusing on not only pool but also work and family. It is always a juggling act of what needs to get done vs what you want to get done.  I think I am going to push myself to write at least one blog article every couple of weeks.  With that being said my game is getting more and more consistent with every game I play. 

Although I am having one of my worst sessions of pool on my Thursday night team they are picking up the slack.  Currently we are one point in first place.  I dropped down in skill level so of course I am getting the comments from people that ask why I am now a five.  Anyone that truly knows me does know I would never sandbag or pad my innings but there are always some that even jokingly wonder.  When I am off quite a few of my teammates are there to pick up the slack, when they are off I am able to pull out a victory. 

My Sunday night 9 ball team not only took first for the regular season but we also took the Big Dog trophy which meant that we had more points than anyone in our area. While usually it means we qualified for Tri-Cup it also means we automatically will make it to the LTC tournament for Vegas.  I was lucky enough to shoot well in this session and go undefeated as well as taking the top shooter award.  It has been a while since I have gotten top shooter for 9 ball.

My Monday night 8 ball team took 2nd place for the session so we had to play in the playoffs to see if we made it to Tri-Cups.  We ended up having to play a team out of the same bar we played out of so it was a home team vs home team kind of match.  It was a well fought match and we pulled out another victory to advance to tri-cup again. I am hoping that the team will come together as we are ironing out who is on the team and beginning to mesh like a family.

I really like it when a team is more like a family. It makes the night out just that much more enjoyable, even if you have a black sheep of the family.  You care for your fellow teammates and it creates a camaraderie between everyone where you can respect everyone's game.  Whether I am the captain or just a teammate, I have enough respect for the game to also respect all the players that deserve it.  Happy shooting everyone and when you think you know everything about pool, stop playing as everyone else who is still learning will surpass you.

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