Even in mistakes you should remain positive

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Playing-Pool.com has a great article about Efren “Bata” Reyes.  He is currently the best players in the world and a phenomenal shot maker.  He has also been called the magician because of his shot making ability.  There are plenty of videos on the internet showing his abilities.  This article references this video where Efren plays a perfect safe only issue is the ball ends up going in.  Now he is left with what looks like an impossible shot to which he performs a two rail kick shot and cuts the ball into the corner pocket.

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What you should really take away from this video is Efren's attitude.  I agree with Patrick Baumann's article that enjoyment of the game is key to bettering your game.  Efren always has a smile on his face no matter what he is facing.  You can often see him shrugging his shoulders and laughing because he just made what appeared to be an impossible shot.  He is truly a magician as he not only makes great shots but he is an entertainer.  Here is another video of which his opponent left him stiched behind the 9 ball with no clear angle at the 1 ball.  Without any real hesitation Bata steps up and shoots a 3 rail shot and cuts the 1 ball right into the corner and gets position on the 2 to boot.

Greatest Pool Shot Ever.... Again by the Magician Efren Reyes!

Another Incredible Shot Ever.... Again by the Living Legend of Pool Efren "The Magician" Reyes!

Love what you do and smile!

So in closing why not enjoy the game and make it enjoyable for others.  If you have a good attitude you become not only someone who people want to play but they might actually enjoy getting beat by you.  So when you are shooting and you make a mistake, think about how to improve and let it go.  With a good attitude you will see you are looking at your next shot with a fresh set of eyes and you might find that you start shooting better.


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