First Round at The All City Fitchburg 9-Ball Tournament

by | Nov 14, 2015 | 9 Ball, Billiard Greg's, Playoffs, Tri-City Cup, LTC, and Tournaments, Pool | 0 comments

Well I was lucky and got a first round bye so I didn't have to play Friday night. My first match was at 10am on Saturday at the St. Joseph club in Fitchburg. I played well, won the first game and proceeded to be more on the winning side than not. I was up 5 to 2 and he then won the next game. I was making some decent shots even made a jump shot, also got lucky on some leaves. I then won the next game making it 6 to 3. I had a 110 degree cut on the one ball and left myself a combo 2 to the 9 for the game and match. So I called it in the corner and made it. Going on to the next round in the winner's bracket.


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