4 Things Learnt From 500 Break Shots

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Here is a good article that talks about the 4 things learnt from 500 break shots.

  1. Loose Wrist
    • This usually entails not locking your wrists.  By doing this it allows your wrists to act as a pivot point.
  2. Come up earlier
    • Professional players like Shane Van Boening are virtually upright at the end of their break also upwards and not forwards is the idea.
  3. Going through further
    • Your follow through is important in regular shots and also your break shots.  It means that your not stopping your shot at the contact point of the cue ball allowing your shot to be as powerful as it can be.
  4. Slowing down the back swing
    • Slowing down your back swing allows you to concentrate more on the forward part of your swing and keeps the alignment more.

To read more about what this person talks about please go to the following article on Playing-Pool.com.



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