September 25th Tournament at The Red Onion

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So I was lucky enough to be allowed to be a late entry into the 8 ball tournament at The Red Onion on September 25th, 2015.  I felt it was a tournament that I needed to play in. So I showed up a half hour late and jumped right into my first match of the tournament.

My first match I played a 3 meaning it was a 5 to 2 race.  I was able to shoot well and pull out a victory.  I then played someone who isn't in any leagues and I also think it was his first time playing in the tournament so he played as a 3.  Was lucky enough to pull out my jump cue for a shot in the corner and made it.  Once again I pulled out another victory.  Next match was against one of the regulars who plays well even though he was a 3.  It did come down to the hill match but I pulled out a victory.  This gave me the top spot in the winner bracket.

I then had to wait for other matches to finish to find out who I was going to be playing in the finals.  I watched the last 3 that I play beat a 7, as I had said he has come along with his game play pretty decently and this shows that you should never count anyone out.  He then played against a 5 and the 5 was able to pull out a victory.

So now the finals are up and I am playing against the 5.  The race is 5 to 4 with me needing 5.  First match I just couldn't find my stroke or the rolls for that matter.  They just seemed to line up for him with every shot he made.  So I am now down 3 games and he is on the hill.  I rack and then see him run them out for the win.  He shot well.  So that technically puts me in the losers bracket so we have to play one more match to see who is going to win the pot.  This time I was finding my shots and getting my leaves.  I ended up pulling out a victory with a final score of 5 to 1.  It was a well fought match between us and I am sure our rivalry will continue to be a good one.  I know he likes a good match just as much as I do.

As a 6 I know that consistency is where I need to improve my game.  The previous week I played in the 9 ball tournament and it was not in the cards for me to make it to a money spot.  What put me out last week was rushing this one shot when I needed 2 points for the win and rattling the ball giving him the few points that my opponent needed for the win.  But this weeks 8 ball tournament I was finding my shots and shooting more consistently.  Playing against lower players some people have the mindset that it is an easier match but sometimes it is actually harder.  They tend to get luckier than the higher ranked players.  So keep your head down and try to shoot consistently no matter who you are playing.  Till next time may your shots go in and your leaves be what you are looking for.


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