What Aiming Method Do You Use?

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So I have heard some people talking about different aiming methods.  I always like the feel your shot method is best but getting to that point sometimes you need other methods to help get you there.  The ghost ball method is one that I have used in many lessons to help people understand where to attempt to aim to make a cut shot.  One method that I have been hearing about is Center-To-Edge or CTE.  I have read a few resources on it but nothing that I have been able to grasp enough to be able to use it in explaining it to people.

I am curious as to what methods you as pool players use in your play or teaching to get a good aim line. I know there is no end all and be all when it comes to aiming but what method do you use to help you?

John Barton with JBCases.com talks about how the CTE is better than the ghost ball because it can accomodate for 75+ degree angles of shot.  Here is his video.

I like using the ghost ball but I tend to use it with a word of caution that it will not always work due to inconsistancies with table, ball size, ball weight, angle of shot, and speed of shot.  I know it is a lot to throw at people but I want people to improve their game to where they enjoy the game as much as I do.  So what aiming method do you use? Are there any online resources you use when doing research?


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