9 Ball Tournament on May 29th, 2015

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So tonight I played on one of the local 9 ball tournaments held in the Gardner Area. Every Friday night at the Red Onion they have a tournament. It alternates one week 8 ball and the next week 9 ball. This week it was a 9 ball tournament. We had 6 people sign up so it was a pretty nice and relaxing tournament. There was two skill level 6's, two skill level 3's, and two skill level 2's. I was one of the 6's.

So we draw random cards to see who was going to play first. I ended up playing the other 6 and was able to pull out a win. I then played the two and he was able to put together some decent runs and pull out a win so I end up going into the losers bracket. Next I play a two who has beaten me twice before. This time I was able to put together a win. I then played the 3 and started shooting like I know I can and was able to put together some decent runs. This brought me into the finals against the two who put me into the losers bracket. I shot really well and got into the 30's while he was still at 3. I was able to get to 46 and he was still around 10. So we ended up playing the last match as I had to win two. Near the end of the match we both needed around 4 or 5 balls to win each. I was able to pull out a win and take 1st for the night. It was a good night of practice for me. Looking forward to playing in future tournaments.


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