So unfortunately this has been weighing on my mind lately so I felt the need to get it off my chest.  Even though Andy Ypya did this to me around 8 or so years ago it is still something that crosses my mind from time to time.  Andy is one of the worst types of people I know, the one that takes advantage of others.  The main point of the story is even if someone is a friend, mixing business and pleasure is not something you should do.

Andy Ypya

So I had just purchased another cue and we were all on the same pool team.  So I had an extra cue with an extra shaft that was custom made for this cue.  In total I invested around 400 in this cue.  Andy Ypya was interested in buying it so I made him an offer of $300 for the McDermott Cue that was in excellent condition and about 6 years old.  So he says he wants to get it and proceeds to give me $100 towards the cue. But collecting the other $200 was pretty much impossible.   I have known Andy Ypya for a few years at this point and considered him a friend.  I always came to his karaoke nights and even helped him build his song collection.  Use to hang out at his house and also payed him to do work on my car.  He even called me a few times for me to help him out with moving and a few other things to which I was more than willing to help.  Then one day he just stops returning my phone calls and avoiding me.

After many times of trying to communicate with him and even trying to talk to his wife Chelsea Ypya to get a hold of him.  He has since moved to Salem, NH and he has never returned any of my communication attempts.  I would rather give him his $100 back and take the cue back from him than further chase him for the money he owes me.  This isn't even the first time a “friend” of mine has taken either something of value or money from me and stopped communicating.  Why is it people just take advantage of people when they decide to be generous.  It makes me sick that the few bad apples makes it so we learn we can't trust people.

It turns out that Andy Ypya even owes money to another couple because they were living together and he decided not to pay his part of the rent.  How can you live with a friend and then take advantage of them by not paying your share of the rent. Talk about not stepping up and being a man.  You have to continually screw people over to get by in life.  I wonder how many jobs Andy Ypya has had because his true nature has come out while working there.

I still believe in humanity.  I believe we are good and deserve the benefit of the doubt.  In today's world we need to believe that people are out to help each other and not take advantage of each other.  I will continue to help friends who need it or want it as long as they are willing to help themselves.  But to take advantage of someone with their hand out is just the lowest of the low.  I just hope that some people are able to change their stripes and become decent human beings.

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