Back to Back Break and Runs

by | Apr 7, 2015 | 8 Ball, Billiard Greg's, League Nights, Pool, Pool Stories | 0 comments

So a couple of weeks ago I was playing in the APA in Gardner. We were playing at home at the Red Onion aka Otter River Hotel. I get put up and they decide to play their other 6 against me. I won the lag. I then proceeded to break and run not once but back to back. This is not the first time that I broke and ran but it is the first time that I had back to back break and runs.


It is too bad that they do not have a back to back break and run patch as the individual patches do not tell the story by themselves of getting back to back break and runs.  Knowing that I can shoot well is begining to show as I continue to play and start to shoot more consistently.  I always like telling myself that I am continuing to improve in my shoot and I will continue to shoot well.  Remain positive no matter how you shoot and you will continue to love the game as you grow into the player that you want to be.


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