My JB Cases Custom Case is Almost Perfect

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UPDATE: John Barton at JB Cases has informed me that he will be remaking my case with the backpack straps.  This is going above and beyond to keep his 100% customer satisfaction rating.  Even with the hick ups I would recommend JB Cases to anyone.

For a single strap custom case, it is beautiful.  But unfortunately this is not what I ordered.  I really liked the backpack strap style they described.  Two D rings at the top with a single off center D ring at the bottom so the case sits on your back at an angle.  So that was one of the options I gladly added. It did take a while for me to get my case but that was due to quality control and JB Cases catching a leather engraving error.  So I say to myself, I would ratherget what I ordered instead of getting something with a mistakeon it.  So I waited a dew more weeks to finally get my case in the mail. First impression it is a great case, then I see a single strap and only two D rings.


A you can see it is a truely beautiful case. So I contact JB Cases and mention that they didn't do the backpack straps. They apologized for the error and say they are going to send me a custom backpack harness to rectify the issue.

So I wait another couple weeks for that to come in the mail.  First I have to go to the post office and pay the extra 65 cents for postage due.  That really didn't bother me as I was excited to see what they came up with so I went down and picked it up.  I open up the package and I see a matching strap and four allegator style clips that go on the end of the straps to clip into the D rings.


I decide to give it a try. Now I have two straps allegatored to two D rings making it vertical on my back.  At first I am like ok I think this will work.  But its now a day or too later and I am not liking it.  The straps are able to rotate freely when they should be in a fixed position to their own D rings at the top.  Also not having the bottom off center really does make a difference for positioning when carrying it as a backpack. Now mind you if I hadn't been  told how the backpack straps would work I probably would be none the wiser and ok with it but knowing how it should of come does kind of upset me.

JB Case thankfully caught the leather engraving error but didn't catch another charged add on. So it is a beautiful single strap case that had an opportunity to be great one.  When they first said they were going to be making me a custom solution I did express concern that it would lay right due to the single D ring at the top. I thought they were going to send me some sort of adapter for the top D ring to turn it into a double D ring so it would be more of a backpack style.  In the creative solution aspect they let me down, wasn't really that creative.  Maybe because it was bought at a tournament for a discounted rate they felt it was alright to rush through and not make sure everything was as it should be. But I would of rather not gotten a discount than not get what I ordered.

So in closing I have a beautiful single strap custom case and an extra matching strap incase this one breaks. Thanks for catching the name and quote engraving so at least there isn't anything cosmetically wromg with it.


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