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HappyHalloweenBilliardGregI would like to wish everyone a Happy Halloween.  This season people are going to be dressing up and putting on tons of make up.  I would like to remind everyone about how to care for your billiard equipment.  As some of you are going to be wearing make up it does have a tendency to come off and get on everything.  So making sure your equipment is kept clean and in top condition is important.

To clean the shaft one product you can buy is Sil Kleen.  It claims it quickly removes build up of dirt, talc, chalk and more for the pores and surface of the pool cue shaft. Restores the shaft to the original appearance and silky smooth feel.  When I do not have this product available to me I will sometimes just use Comet and water mixed.  If I use Comet and water I always make sure I use a cue conditioner afterwards.

The only cue conditioner that I have ever really used is Cue Silk.  Why break something that isn't broken.  It leaves the cue shaft like new. I find that I can even use Cue Silk in between cleanings to keep the shaft smooth and silky.

Cue maintenance is an important part of keeping your equipment working like new. If you take pride in your equipment it translates into pride in your game allowing you to play your game and not have to worry about the state of your cue.  Pool Dawg is a great supplier for Pool Cues and also Billiards Supplies in general.



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