Appreciating your Opponent

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So on April 1st on Tuesday in my TAP League I played a skill level 4. This meant that I had to win 4 games to his 3. I knew he was a decent player and could put together a decent set of shots together to make a good run at making this a good match. He has always had a good attitude win or loose and I love playing people like that.

I don't really remember most of the match but

The match ended up coming down to the 8 ball in the last game. I put together a decent set of shots to leave myself a really tough shot on the 8 ball. The 8 ball was near the one diamond away from the side pocket about 4 inches off the rail with the cue ball about 4 inches away from that so I had 4 options in my eyes. First option was to bank the ball into the side pocket but I believe the cue ball would of gotten in the way. Second option was to try a cross corner bank shot but I didn't feel comfortable enough to do this with not knowing the rails as good as I could. Third option was to cut it all the way up into the corner but with how close the object ball was and the 95-100 degree angle of the cut made this a touch shot let alone across two thirds of the table. So the fourth option was to do a safety which is what I ended up doing. I hit the ball a little off center and sent it into the rail with the cue ball slightly following. He then tried to bank it cross side and missed. I then did another safe and left the 8 ball not frozen but pretty close to the rail and the cue ball a few inches away. He then did a safe and gave me close to the same leave. I felt I had enough of an angle and the ball was far enough off the rail that I tried to bank it cross corner. I hit it and watched as the 8 ball went into the called pocket.

So again I look at the opponent I played.  The game came down to the wire and could of gone either way.  He had a good attitude the entire game and even though he lost was a really good sport.  These are the types of people that make the game very enjoyable.  On April 9th I played against another player who was a really good sport who I have played on numerous of occasions and we usually go back and forth.  Once again this match came down to the wire and he ended up winning.  So the how the people and teams you play against can make or break a night.  I look forward to playing against these two players and teams again.


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