The Never Mentality

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In pool there are a couple of never's that you should keep in mind. Never underestimate an opponent is the first one. No matter how low or how high the persons skill level you should never think you are going to win or loose. The second never is never give up. No matter how down you are in the game or how ahead you are in the game you should never give up shooting your best game of the day.

So a couple Sunday's ago I ended up playing a skill level of one in 9 ball. Before our match we were practicing on one of the tables in the back of the club we were at. So while practicing I saw that she shot well enough to at least be a 2 for a skill level and a high 2 at that but for some reason she was rated a one. A couple times in practice she was able to put together some decent runs and also was able to pocket the 9 to kick me off the table.

The team we were playing against in the 4th match decided to put their higher player against one of our lower players. Even with them knowing that I was going to be playing the last match and all they had left was a one and they still went that route. Now we could of played a 3 or a 4 against the one but I left it in the captains capable mind as to if I was still to play. I said I would play my game if they decided to put me up.

Needless to say they did end up playing me against the one on the team. This meant it was a 14 to 46 race. I knew it was going to be a well fought match as I needed to make 4 points for every 1 point she made. So I knew that she shot well and was not to be underestimated and after the first two racks this was proven. The score was tied at 10 to 10 after splitting the first two racks. This meant that I needed to get 36 points before she for just 4 more points. After the 3rd rack the score was then 11 to 19. Some of my teammates told me that I could do it, just go out and play smart and shoot my game. I started thinking of safes if the shot I had was a difficult one or by doing a safe would then leave her tough and possibly give me ball in hand to better plan out a run out. 4th rack came and I was able to get 10 points with a well placed safe to give me ball in hand for an attempted run out. A couple times I missed my shot but left her a difficult shot on the object ball. My main goal was to at least get to 28 or 29 points so our team could win for the night even if I lost. Once I reached this point I felt a little relief as I wanted to make sure we won for the night. She did have some opportunities to get some points but during the 5th rack I was able to get all 10 points again. Now the score is 11 to 39, I needed to get 7 points to her 3 points. Even with a missed shot in this rack and allowing her to have an opportunity to win, she missed her shot giving me the chance to get the remaining points I needed to win the match. I didn't even know I had gotten enough points as I was getting ready to shoot again when she came up to me and said congratulations for the win. The final score was 11 to 46. I shook her hand and said she shot amazing and that I thought she was going to win. She is definitely an asset to that team as a 2 let alone as a 1.

Some of my teammates were giving me a hard time with how the score was during the beginning of the match but I never gave up and told them I would continue playing my game the best I could till I could no longer play. So I didn't underestimate my opponent and I didn't give up and I was rewarded in such a manner that I was able to take away a victory. Even as a one you should never give up. There may be some days that you shoot a lot better than you are rated.


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