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The opening of the 2013 TAP National Championships were conducted by  Founder and CEO of TAP, Loyd Schonter. Starting with the national anthems of both the United States and Canada was shown a great slide show on three large screen TV's to carryout this heart felt moment.

 A short opening announcement by Loyd echoed the welcoming of all players to this historical event along with the ones at home watching their local regions and players being broadcast live via Povpool brought to you by Daniel Busch.

The TAP Welcome Party was held in a distinctive area of the host location called "Bourbon Street" that gave the players a scene of accomplishment  before the event even started. The food was impressive and the drinks flowed hoping to help calm the nerves for the morning to come.

The morning started with the players meeting that was held in two of the five sky-boxes overlooking the arena offering the team captains a quiet area to discuss the upcoming day . During the event the sky-boxes served as a lounge area for teams / players to relax before there next round.

Random events were live streamed by povpool throughout the event including some final events. 


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