TAP League First week

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Started the first week of my second session of TAP League. It is truly a nice change not having to worry about slop play.  My Tuesday night team ended up winning two of the first three matches and the team we played had to forfeit the 5th match. The team we end up playing against are good players amd I ended up playing fourth.

I ended up playing one of my old teammates and good friend named Paul.  When I was on his team we use to have this rivalry going for achieving the Grand Slam patch. I think the last time we played he ended up beating me so I was looking forward to this match.

I won the lag so I got to break first. My break I ended up getting a couple balls allowing me to continue shooting. I ended up getting an 8 ball break and run in the first game of the session. I won the next game then we went back and forth a little to bring it to the hill match.  Towards the end of this final game, I tried to cut one of my balls into the corner and miss but I left the cue ball hanging in the corner pocket stitched by the bumper. He ended up having to bank one rail with heavy left english due to traffic on the table to try to make a hit on his ball that was hanging in the opposite corner. He ended up missing his ball giving me ball in hand with four balls and the eight ball left on the table. I was then able to shoot the four balls and get position on the eight ball for the win.

It was a well played match by both of us. He is a good friend which makes for a good game. If it wasn't for me missing one of my shots and getting lucky with where I left the cue ball I think he would have won. The fact that it came down to the hill goes to show that you should never give up in any match you play. I am sure that many players would have given up after going down one game from a break and run. No one is unbeatable you just have to make sure you don't beat yourself. So may your aim be true and your leaves be what you want.


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