First Night of Wednesday TAP League

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So my Wednesday APA team decided after the ordeals of last session to migrate over to the TAP League. It is sad when there is one new team that ends up being the straw that breaks the camels back for the APA League, but we do have to remember that this was just one piece to the puzzle in the decision to move away from the APA. Tonight we ended up playing a new team to the league with a couple of people I recognized. Overall it was a good night of play and good sportsmanship all around.

The first four matches went in our favor and we ended up taking all four. I do not remember the exact match ups for the night but I ended up playing 5th against a skill level 4. This meant the race was me needing 4 games to his 3 games. He won the lag and got to break but I proceeded to win that game. Next game I broke and made a couple balls in on the break and was able to put together a run out earning me an 8 ball break and run. We then traded a few games and he was able to bring it to the hill. I was able to pull out a victory giving us a 5th win for the night.

This meant that I was able to accomplish getting an 8 ball break and run, back to back nights as I got one the night before. I can see myself taking my time, visualizing my shots, and becoming more consistent in my game. Consistency in making shots is the goal that I have been striving for more and more as seeing the shots can be the easy part. I almost put together a second break and run but missed my leave with two balls left. I am looking forward to some singles tournaments to come around so I can see if I can shoot for myself as well as I have been shooting lately for my teams.

With regards to my teams it is nice not having all the pressure as we have some good players. I believe with the make up of the teams we should be able to compete well against other teams. I am looking forward to this session in the TAP League.

May your aim be true and your leaves be what you are looking for.


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