Are You Ready For The Next TAP Adventure??

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TAP LLC ...We Have Something New For You To Test Your Skills.

TAP is bringing a new product to the table and it's Xtreme.  
           Chalk up your cue! Your going to need it.
TAP Corporate Office
Little River, South Carolina
September 5th, 2013 

The TAP Corporate Office announces "TAP Xtreme". With an already active and impressive league presence in the sport of billiards, TAP always finds ways to entertain the player in ways that sometimes seem endless.

TAP Xtreme Format

  • Four person teams
  • No team handicap limits
  • Three team matches per week 
  • Race to five

TAP X is available to all TAP league players wanting to test their skills at Xtreme levels. If you are presently a non TAP member and would like to play on the TAP X format only, you are welcome to do so with a TAP membership and be a part of this experience. 
It has not yet been decided where the first TAP X Nationals will be held, it has however been limited to one of two events. The TAP Nationals or the TAP Rally Event, held in conjunction with the Super Billiards Expo. Feel free to contact us or your local licensee for more details.
"TAP X Is Coming To A Table Near You"


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