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So I have been playing in this new league called the TAP League.  It is a league that is call the ball and call the pocket kind of shooting.  It is a nice change from the slop play of the APA and the people that are rated below what their handicap should be.  Unfortunately this happens in the APA and their handicap system doesn't catch people like this till it is too late. The handicap system being used in the TAP league appears to be a little bit harder to sandbag.

In the TAP league the scoring system is more in depth with all of the information it collects which I believe is the best way to make sure people are rated what they should be.  So they track normal innings but they also track items like missed balls, dead balls, made balls as well as being able to play true defensive shots.  One example is calling a safety but still pocketing a ball means it is your opponents turn.

TapLeaguePatch_2013-2014Another major difference is being able to switch to a different cue.  In TAP I am able to use my jump stick which is something that has always been a question in the APA as to whether or not you are able to use it.  Since finally finding out clarification that you can't switch cues in the middle of shooting, I never wanted to attempt a jump with my shooting cue as I did not want to damage it in any way. In the APA I would be unable to switch to my break stick even at full length due to the rule of not being able to use “Professional Equipment” as well as needing to use my normal shooting cue to make all of my shots.  How much of an advantage do you get by being able to switch to a different cue?

I have played a handful of matches so far in the TAP league and I am impressed as to the skill levels as well as the level of play from my opponents.  Since slop play is not an option it gives peoples true abilities in shot making shine through.  This also seems to turn most matches into fairly even matches with captains matching up skill levels to have a good match.

Tonight as a 5 I played a 4 who I have played before, he has also at one point been a teammate of mine.  It was a well played match and during one of my breaks I was able to complete my first break and run in the league.  Unfortunately I won the final game by my opponent making a nice shot on the 8 ball and scratching so instead of going into a 6th and final game, he gave me the match.

I am optimistic in playing in the TAP league and it appears to be gaining respect among the players. I look forward to playing many different players and seeing the level of play that can be expected from people that do take the game seriously. This doesn't mean that league play shouldn't be fun so it should allow people to let their guard down a little and start enjoying the game. Too many times have I seen people worrying too much about do I have enough innings or am I going to loose to this lower skill level because he has been known to slop a bunch of balls in.

If you a interested in reading more about The TAP League you can go to their website at http://www.tapleague.com/.  They have 8 Ball, 9 Ball, 10 Ball, and Scotch Doubles Leagues running all the time.  I am currently participating in a Team 8 Ball League on Tuesday nights.


  1. Sam Rullo

    Very nice input on TAP. Thank you very much for the review…. from all of us at TAP.

    “After you tried the rest….try the best.”

    Sam Rullo, TAP Sales Director

  2. Darin

    Very Nice and well put! Thank You from NebraskaTAP!

  3. Sam Rullo

    I forgot to mention that if anyone is interested in bringing TAP to more new areas in New England to please contact me at 800-984-7665 ext 2 or my cell at 814-525-0687 Email is tappool@aol.com There has been a lot of interest in TAP recently in the New England states as well as the rest of the U.S. Lower Connecticut just sold and more areas in New York are about to be sold. And with Allen Hopkin’s Super Billiard Expo in New Jersey now (and TAP being the only league that has a competition there) it makes sense to at least try TAP since it is closer to travel to the Expo for the New England players now. If your making the trip to the Expo, you may as well play in our Dream Team event and singles.

    Sam Rullo, TAP Sales Director

    • Kelly Nace

      Thank you. Sometimes as operators we repeat ourselves over and over about the advantages of TAP. I’ve always said no better form of marketing than a happy player. Glad to hear your enjoying the league! TAP On! Kelly Nace, Keystone TAP.

  4. jeremy caruthers sr

    I have always enjoyed TAP here in Bay Area Tap. Our operators are the best. Personal, and friendly, they are simply the best.
    I have loved the game of 8 ball for some time now. Could not stand the Apa way of pool. Not a fair game in my eyes. As a higher skilled shooter, I enjoy TAP so much more. We have better competition and way more fun. This league is really geared towards us shooters, and I appreciate that.


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