Bad Night of Play

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BilliardGregLogo1.jpgWell once again I have seen some poor sportsmanship that has made me realize that some people should go to the leagues that like whiners. In general people try to give other people the benefit of a doubt when certain things come up. When I play I will try to give people warnings before taking ball in hand or penalizing their game.

I have seen people try to take an extra timeout and that is where a simple reminder that they have already taken their given amount of timeouts should suffice. When it turns into an argument makes it frustrating to even want to continue play. Not only is being disruptive towards the rules of the game counter productive but it is very effective at throwing someone off of their game. A lot of times people do not know how to get back into their game once they have been attacked in this manner.

Here is a quote another player who observed this had to say about it:

I watched the worst match of pool sportsmanship ever tonight. When I bought this league I was hoping for people to have fun not sand bag and enjoy playing pool… well I got my first bad taste of bad sportsmanship tonight . A player used 3 timeouts and the other player never called ball in hand for being a nice guy and it backfired. He never got ball in hand and lost the rack. Next game they where on the 8 and they where calling it even though we all know you are supposed to mark it the player with the better sportsmanship that all ready let the other player break the timeout rule hits 8 in pocket he calls and the other guy calls a list for not marking it… seriously why play pool you are going to ruin the evening for everyone… its actually gross and below standards… If this is how you are going to play in our league we don't need you here. . Please play in other leagues and aggravate them…

I agree with him that this does not belong in any league. You are acting like a child so my question is do we have to treat you like one? This poor sportsmanship shows that you are unable to play pool in a civilized manner. For one to turn around and argue about being called out on taking another time out, but to turn around and call a rule that even yourself had not been following all match is just showing immaturity. Even though you are suppose to mark the pocket for 8 ball this is one rule that a lot of people overlook to try to speed the game up a little. But to try to start calling a foul after someone shoots for the 8 ball after clearly calling it as you have been all match is just showing what level of sportsmanship you are able to play at. These are the types of people that tend to be remembered in the game and either people do not want to play you or they start playing by the rule book to the letter of every rule so there is no question about it in the future. You do not make league night fun. You get what you put into the league so why not try putting in some good instead of making someone who is there to have fun uncomfortable and even think about leaving the league.

So go out and play to have fun. If you are caught trying to take an extra timeout or breaking a rule take the criticism with a grain of salt and learn from the experience. Do not try to justify you breaking the rule or turn around and make it difficult for other people playing the game.


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