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PoolNet allows you to review your statistics for a specific time period. Please keep in mind that PoolNet was released in March of 2007. Statistics prior to March 2007 are not available via PoolNet.

· Total Matches – Total number of matches recorded for the player in the format selected (8 Ball or 9 Ball).

· Match Win-Loss – Total Matches Won and Lost.

· Game Win-Loss – Total Games Won and Lost.

· Ball Count Ratio – Ratio of Completions to Miss Ratio. i.e. Average amount of balls you make, per turn at the table.

· Success Rate Shot – Ratio of successfully completed shots to the total number of shots that the player takes. i.e. Your percentage of completions as called.

· Success Rate Ball – Ratio of successfully pocketed balls to the total number of balls available to be pocketed. Your percentage of balls made per rack.

· LOT/Games Self – Your Average LOT per games you’ve lost.

· Opponent LOT/ Games - Your Opponents Average LOT per games lost by your opponent.

· Match Closeness – Closeness is defined by how much of the match has been completed by you or your opponent. Match Closeness is the difference between how much of the match you complete versus how much of the match your opponent completes. i.e. shows the percent of the match that remains for your opponent when you win a match. If a Negative Number – percentage of the match left when you lose. Value of .333 means that you’re winning your match with your opponent still needing one third of his/her games to win the match.

· Player Aggressiveness – Aggressiveness is an indicator of your ability to control the table. This is essentially the Ball Success Rate of your opponent. So the expectation is if you are able to control the table (more aggressive) your opponent’s Ball Success Rate will be low. i.e. the higher number here represents lower aggressiveness on your part.

· Break and Run/ On the Break – Total of each.
You can also view your personal statistics through your "Player Module" If you need log in information you can go to the Help Desk or call 800-984-7665.


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