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Playing in the APA is mostly a team sport  that at times has individual rewards.  From the occasional best of the best tournaments, to doubles and singles qualifiers for an attempt to go to Las Vegas and compete in the National Singles Championships. These levels will sometimes give you patches allowing you to show off reaching these levels of play. Then there are some rewards that come about from normal league play.  Like acknowledgements of an 8 Ball on the Break or a 9 on the Snap or the Break and Runs for 8 Ball and 9 Ball.

Here is a collection of some of the patches you can get through your APA sessions. From the one's you receive as being a member of the APA, the ones that have the date on them showing you are a member. To the Captain and Co-Captain patches you get for managing your team. There are patches you can get for how you shoot any given night. Like the 8 on the Break, 8 Ball Break and Run, 9 on the Snap, and the 9 Ball Break and Run Patches.

Now we can look at the Achievements that you can get for a session long endeavor. The Grand Slam patch is one single accomplishment that has nothing to do with anything but your ability to get different patches throughout the session. By getting all four of the individual patches you can get the Grand Slam patch which states all four needed to get this single patch. Another one of these patches is the MVP patch. This sometimes can come along with a Top Performer plaque.

Spring 2011 Top Performer
This past Thursday I was able to achieve another win in 9 Ball allowing me to get my first 9 Ball Top Performer achievement in the Tewksbury area getting me another one of these plaques. I did achieve another this one other time in the Gardner area but they gave out a piece of paper instead of a plaque which showed no real appreciation of this accomplishment. But that is for another post sharing how players could be treated for participating in the league. My 8 Ball play on Wednesday I have an opportunity to get a Top Performer for 8 Ball. Which in itself is a great achievement but to accomplish both in the same session would make the achievement even better. So I look forward to my upcoming match and giving it my all to try to make this a reality. Until next time may your aim be true and your leaves be what you are looking for.


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