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wordpress-logo-stacked-rgbWell it has finally happened.  I have a  couple of plugins now listed in the WordPress Plugin repository.  I have been working on customized plugins for clients and have even created some from scratch.  While working on my site I wanted to bring over some functionality I had in my original site and also ran into a situation where I needed to update a number dynamically.  

First off I had written some PHP a while ago to where a user could draw what is called Odin's Rune from a virtual bag of Norse Runes.  So I wanted to be able to use Norse Runes again for my new WordPress Site.  I was able to port over the information and I began developing the plugin.  I created it so that you can show any rune with or without the definition on a given page, and then I created a page with a button to be able to ask the oracle to draw a single rune called Odin's Rune so people could get daily guidance or guidance towards a topic of their choice.  My plan is to be able to expand this rune to allow for different rune castings(layouts) and also the ability for your visitors to be able to track their readings.  You can find my Norse Runes Oracle Plugin in the Plugin Repository.

Second issue I ran into was I wanted to be able to say how old I was on my about page without having to update it every year after my birthday.  It wasn't until after I had written the new plugin that I then found one that did it but it didn't just display the year number so I guess mine is a little different.  You can find my Current Age Plugin in the Plugin Repository.

Feel free to browse around my other site at GregWhitehead.us. You will also find more information regarding the WordPress plugins I have.


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