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This rule comes out of the APA Pool League @poolplayers Team Manual. Every now and then it is good to remember the rules in place.

This League is intended for amateurs, and the APA reserves the right to reject or cancel the memberships of those individuals whom the APA deems to be professionals. The APA has a variety of criteria for determining professional or amateur status. They include a touring (tournament) membership in any men’s or women’s professional billiards organization, winning tour points from any of those organizations, being a nationally known money player (a judgment call), or otherwise being recognized as a billiards professional, billiards celebrity or entertainer (noted performers of exhibitions, retired professionals, etc.). The APA reserves the right to rule on the amateur/professional status of any member, and we may consider all, some, or none of the above criteria. Just remember, if you enter a professional event, perform exhibitions, or otherwise behave as a professional, you risk your amateur standing in our association.

Locally, the League Operator and/or the Board of Governors has the option of disallowing participation by an individual who has consistently demonstrated professional characteristics. An individual who is a known money player and is perceived by the League Operator/Board of Governors to make a substantial portion of his living playing pool, rather than having other employment, could fall into this category. An individual who gives exhibitions or lessons for money may fall into this category. A highly skilled individual who is employed as a manager/assistant manager of a billiard room may be categorized as a house pro and could be ineligible for amateur play. The APA does not wish League

Operators/Boards of Governors to disallow participation based strictly on ability. There are many skilled amateurs and they are welcome to play in the League.


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