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Billiard BallsWell once again it is the beginning of a new session here in my pool league. We have already played one full week of league and so far I am happy with the way I have been shooting.

So far in my quest for the Grand Slam Patch I have been lucky enough to get 2 towards my 7th one.  On my Thursday night 9 ball league I got two 9 on the snaps.  It was against a new player so I hope he can learn from the match he played against me.  He was a good shot and I look forward to playing him again if that is how it ends up.

In my second Sunday night Double Jeopardy match I was able to get my 8 ball break and run in my 5th and final game against my opponent.  In the previous game I was close to getting it but on one of my cut shots I under cut the object ball and missed the shot as I was probably worried too much about my leave.  It felt good to actually follow through with an 8 ball break and run after missing it in a previous game.

On my first Wednesday night 8 ball league I played one of the better 7s in the league.  He won the first game, I won the next two.  Then he won the third game and I won the next two to take the match.  In the final game he played a safe leaving my about a 95 degree cut shot into the corner.  He had one of his balls to the right of my ball which allowed me to stay at the end of the table that I needed to be on to attempt for the 8 ball in the side pocket.  Needless to say I was able to make the cut shot as well as the 8 ball shot for the win.

I hope to continue to improving on my constistency in my leagues.  I know I can make the shots but being able too nine times out of ten is what I would like to accomplish.  Working on the more difficult shots to increase the percentage made as well as increasing the percentage made on the easier shots should not only be a goal of mine but also the goal of any pool player.

So going into the 3rd week of the session I am already half way to my next Grand Slam patch.  It is starting to turn into a nice collection.  One of my goals is to be able to say I was able to achieve getting a Grand Slam patch in one Double Jeopardy evening.  It is an attainable goal and with hard work and dedication to improving consistency in my game I think it is more than achievable.  So till next time may your aim be true and your leaves be plentiful.  Happy shooting.


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