Rule of the Day: 10. SPLITTING MATCHES

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This rule comes out of the APA Pool League @poolplayers Team Manual on page 28. Every now and then it is good to remember the rules in place. Not only does it insure everyone is playing on the same level, but it also shows how people can be.

Normally, a team match is played on only one table. Occasionally, lengthy matches make it logical to put a second table in action, if one is available. So, if the fourth match has not started by official League start time plus two hours, then it would begin on the second table. The fifth match would then be played on whichever table becomes available first.

A team is subject to penalty if an available table is made unavailable for a splitting matches situation and it is later determined they, in any way, caused it to be unavailable or resisted using the second table. Splitting matches is waived if both teams want to continue on one table.


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