Grand Slam Update

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So one of my goals in each season that I play in the APA is to acquire a Grand Slam patch. A Grand Slam patch is a patch that you can only get one of in a session. This accomplishment happens when you get the 9 on the break, 9 ball break and run, 8 on the break, and 8 ball break and run all in one session.

In my pool career with the APA I have been lucky enough to earn five of them so far.  Completing that Coaster Set of four that I have been trying for and having one to be able to frame with a collection of the other patches I have gotten.

Well my first Thursday night of 9 ball I got my 9 ball break and run out of the way.  The following Sunday night 9 ball I got my 9 on the break out of the way.  The following Sunday I was able to get my 8on the break.  This means that I have 14 more weeks to try to get my 8 ball break and run and I will get my 6th Grand Slam patch.

I am looking forward to continuing to strive for that higher level of play within myself to where I am able to play at that consistent level that I want to be at.  Strive for the best in anything that you do is a good motto to have in life but also at the pool table.  May your aim be true, till next time my fellow pool players.


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