Fall Session 2012

by | Sep 15, 2012 | 8 Ball, 9 Ball, Billiard Greg's, League Nights, Pool | 0 comments

Well the fall session is upon us. I am back up to 5 nights week. Last week was the first week of the season so I am looking forward to having the schedule set and knowing where I will be. It is going to be an interesting season.

Last Thursday I played another 6 in 9 ball.  It was a good match and we stayed even for most of the match.  I started to gain some ground when I almost got a 9 ball break and run and then a couple racks later I got it.  I ended that match with 25 unanswered points.

On Sunday I was up in Pelham, NH at Shooters Billiards playing. I played another 6 in 9 ball. I shot well and ended up getting my 9 on the break that I needed. Then I played their best player in 8 ball and someone who I have not had the pleasure of beating yet. Maybe one day I will be able too.

I am looking forward to this fall season. I am just wondering why I have been shooting better if I do not practice before my matches. It seams like I loose a little when I practice.


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