APA and League operators and Fair Play

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So I have come into wondering what do some (not all, some are really good) APA League operators do for us.  Do they try to ensure fair play?  Do they try to catch people who try to cheat the system?  Well the following story has happened to me and it makes me wonder about the fair play of the APA.

How can someone who runs an APA League knowingly do this. Someone who stopped playing for a while comes back to the league to realize someone has been using their number illegally. Then be told by the person who runs it, just play at the skill level your number is at even though it is at least two skill levels below what it should be?

This makes me wonder why some league operators even when the player wants to be fair just turn a blinds eye and tells the person to do the same?  To hear about this kind of unsportsmanlike conduct from the person running it just isn't fair to those who play and expect to play people matching their skill level.  I know there are people who sandbag in the league but this isn't even the players fault.  He tried to rectify it and was told to just play at the skill level that comes off the score sheet.  It was his second week as a 3 and he even won the previous week.

I play this game has honestly as I can and to find out that the person running it doesn't want to run it honestly makes me sick.  I can't fault nor do I fault the person I played because it was not his fault.  To top it off I hear it happened to another player that is playing on the same team?  So that means two people decided to use someone else's numbers so that they wouldn't have to pay dues and in the long run hurt those peoples handicaps.  If you can't trust the league operators to fix a problem that was brought to their attention what makes you think that they are entering in scores correctly, maybe they are fixing innings to make their friends look better.

So I will continue to play my game as I do.  Some nights I am on and some nights I am off but I will continue to hold myself to a higher level of morality then most and apparently more than the league operator of the area in question.  Till next time folks may your aim be true and hopefully your opponents morals be at your level as well.


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