Playing a good player

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Well last Thursday I played a good player.  His ranking is a 7 in the CMPL and I can say I have never seen a performance like that.  The race was 7 games to my 5 games.

First game was the closest game to winning I had.  He broke and I ran down to the 8 but scratched trying for my leave giving him ball in hand with 6 balls to shoot for.  He proceeded to run out.

The next two games went him breaking and running.  It was a pretty good show.  Next game went two innings with him winning it.  The I watched him break and run the rest of the games for the win.  To make a total of 5 break and runs in 7 games.

It was tough not being able to shoot but it was the first time I had seen someone break and run in a row so much.  It shows that there are some great players out there.  If you can get over the fact that he is beating you, you can learn something and try to pick up. Some things to improve your game.  He has the one thing that I am wanting to improve on, consistency.

I look forward to improving that part of my game.  Till next time keep shooting.


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