Loosing Gracefully

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Last night I played at Captain John's tonight.  We had 5 people there but our lower players didn't show up so we couldn't make numbers the way we would have liked to, so we had to play a ghost.  That means that we allowed the opponent to pick our last player of the night.  But before that happened we won the first and third match but lost our second.  I ended up playing the fourth match.

They played a 3 against me which means that I had to win 5 games to his 2 games.  I win the lag and after an inning or two I end up with a tough shot on the 8.  So I go two rails for the hit and try for the corner pocket.  After the cue ball makes contact they both go towards the corner pocket.  The 8 ball hits the rail right before the pocket and hits the cue ball into the corner pocket.  Giving him the first game.  Next game I end up winning but I can see his team is getting frustrated with him so as he is racking I tell him to just enjoy himself and have fun and play his game.  I win the next game.  Now we are into the fourth game.  I give him ball in hand with 2 of his balls left and the 8.  He makes his two balls but leaves himself kind of tough on the 8 ball.  So he takes his second time out of the game and his teammates are telling him to take a safety.  He decides to try to bank the 8.  So he hits the 8 ball at a medium speed and the ball rolls right into the side pocket where he called it.  He made a good bank shot.

His team is happy that he beat me.  I stepped out for a cigarette after I gave him ball in hand cause I knew he had a good chance at making the run out.  When I saw the leave he left himself on the 8 I thought there was a chance that I would have another shot.  I guess I was wrong so through the window when I know he was looking at me I pointed at him and gave him the thumbs up.  So I went in and walked up to him and said good match and shook his hand.  After that we ended up losing the fifth match so the final score for the night was 2 wins in our corner and 3 wins in theirs.  We are roughly the middle of the pack for our Wednesday night team.

He then walked up to me and said thank you for giving me the match.  I proceeded to say to him I didn't give you the match, you won the match.  He then bought me a Ginger Ale as a thank you for giving him the match, and said once again I didn't give you the match, you shot and won the match.  Then as I was leaving I walked up to him again and shook his hand with a smile and said once again good match.  As I was walking away I heard him talk about how I was a good opponent and a good sportsman.  That is what I like to hear and not thank you for giving me the game.

I know I am a decent pool player but I never claimed to be unbeatable.  My APA Record can attest to that.  I think my win percentage is between 50 and 60 percent for the life of me playing in the APA.  I love the game and I try my best.  If my game is on then I am probably one of the harder players to beat but if my game is off then it is off, and I have a chance of losing the match.  But of all things when I step up to the table, I play my game no matter what and have never thrown a game.   I have too much love for the game to throw a match.

So in closing, play your game to the best of your ability and be happy that you had a chance to do so.  May your aim be true and your billiard balls roll your way.

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  1. Dave Bourque

    Interesting story, Greg. I will look at others later.


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