Thursday Night 9 Ball

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Well its 9 Ball night and I feel like I can shoot better than I have in the past.  Last night in 8 Ball I wasn't taking my time when shooting.  I sgot against a pretty good 5 and just didn't take my time with some of my shots and it showed. 

It came down to the hill and ran down to the 8.  Had a couple of chances at it and did not take my time.  He did make a good run out at the end.  He was very deserving of the win with the way he shot.  During the match there was times he was beating himself up over the way he was shooting and those where the games I was able to capitalize on.  Then I started rushing my shots even though I was not comfortable with them. 

So I hope I was able to take away from last night to take my time, see the shot feel comfortable with it, and then execute the shot when I feel it and am ready for it.

So tonight I hope to take my time and see if I can get the 9 Ball break and run I need.  Maybe tonight i will get the final patch I need for the Grand Slam patch.  Time to take my time when at the table and each time at the table is a new chance.  Till next time.


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