Jump Bank Shot

by | Dec 2, 2011 | Billiard Greg's, Pool Stories | 0 comments

So I not only like to play pool at the local pub or pool hall.  But when I am home I have Hustle Kings on PS3.  This is a fun game to play.  It allows you to try things with english and aiming that you wouldn't really know how to do in real life.  It helps you learn how the cue ball is going to react if you do certain things.  So not only is it a pool game that has a back story of having to beat different characters, buy new equipment, and become a professional.  You can use it to better your game in real life as well.

A nice feature of it too is the ability to record games or shots and share them through Youtube. So you are able to share games or shots that you think might help people in their game or just share an awesome shot. 

So this first share of mine is a decent shot to end a game on.  The opponent snookered me by going rail first into his 4 ball and then leaving the cue ball behind the four ball.  In essence playing a safe for me while I am shooting at the 8.  Now in real life I might try to go three rails for the hit.  But in the tutorial for this game it does teach you how to masse or jump properly.  So I decided to try to jump his ball and bank the 8 into the side.  Well here it is.


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