Grand Slam Patch Update

by | Dec 30, 2011 | 9 Ball, Billiard Greg's, League Nights | 0 comments

Well it is the last week that I am going to have a chance to get the 9 ball break and run patch. They throw up a 6 so instead of seeing if they would low ball me my team decided to play me. I am playing another 6 so I know it is going to be a good match. He wins the lag so the game begins.

The first game I do not see a run out but I do see a combo one to nine ball shot. So instead of trying to run it out I go for it. I figure if I am breaking I have an opportunity to get a 9 ball break and run. By the end of the second game it is even at 6 to 6. A few games later he breaks and he has an opportunity to do a break and run. He gets down to a hard combo shot and misses and gives me the run out. It is then he mentions to me that all he needs is the 9 ball break and run to get the grand slam patch. I say so do I. So now it would be cool if we both happened to get the grand slam patch in the last week possible. The very next game I break and I get two balls in. I see the run out and I start shooting. The next thing I realize I am shooting the 8 ball and I am left a reverse cut on the nine. The 9 ball drops and I get that 9 ball break and run. My team start cheering and even the other team is a good sport and congratulates me.

Now I turn to the other guy and say it is your turn. He has a couple of opportunities to get his 9 ball break and run but he gave me too many opportunities to win. I am not someone to lay down when shooting. I know only one way to play the game, either I am on or I am not. I happened to be shooting good tonight.

So this session even though I was definitely not shooting up to my potential but I was lucky enough to get a top performer trophy and also another grand slam patch. So remember every time you step up to the table try to shoot your best and let what will happen, happen.

Till next time may your aim be true.


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