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Well on Sunday, Dec 11th 2011, I played another top player of the league.  I didn't fair as well as I would have liked.  I can say that I would like to have at least a little practice before playing but since I showed up late I was not given that opportunity.

So even though I gave it my best shot I did not shoot as I would have been happy.  Although a lot of the leaves I had I was doing kick shots at and by the time I was shooting half way decent was towards the end of the match.  He shot well and I was able to turn it around a little but it was not enough in the. Long run.  I think I lost 18 to 2 in the end.

SO I know right now I am not playing to my ability.  I need to rethink my game and take into account how I am able to play my best game under any conditions.

Going out and running drills is something that I have always wanted to increase.  Setup the balls in such a manner that those types of shot can become second nature.  That is when someones game can be the best it can be.  Being able to go down for a host and close your eyes knowing that all the different pieces of your game will come together and function without any flaw.

So in the long run getting your game to where you are comfortable and able to trust your shooting ability will be top goal.  Then when you happen to miss a shot you know your aim might have been slightly off or the table might have a different role to it but knowing the other pieces of your shot are working flawlessly then the aim and table role are all you have to adjust for.

Till next time keep shooting.


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