Wed Night 4th Week – 6/22/2011

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Tonight we played against the Charlie's Place team.  They are a bunch of 4's and 3's.  This type of a team is always going to be a difficult one due to you never know how they are going to shoot.  Some nights they are going to be on and some nights they are going to be off.

We had two new people to the roster.  This fills us up so we have plenty of options if people can't show up or want to take the week off.  We added someone who is going to end up being a 2 and end up being a 3.  So our roster looks like a one 2, two 3's, two 4's, two 5's, and a 6.  Now if I can get people to practice a little and learn some basics I think this team is going to be one to reckon with.  Any new team has to take time to get use to each other.  On this team there are only 4 people that have played with each other before so half the team is either first time players or first time playing with me and the regulars.

So now to the match, first I played one of our new players who played as a 4.  He is probably going to drop down to a 3 and be a good 3 for us.  He knows how to shoot and just needs to get back into practicing a little.  He ended up loosing the 2 games that he played to a 3.  But seeing as this was his first week and most likely a while since he has picked up a cue I didn't expect much.

Next we threw the other new player who started out as a 3.  She played another 3.  With her lag it really showed that she does not know how to hit a ball softly.  her lag went 5 or 6 rails.  Now when you lag you are suppose to shoot towards the bottom rail and try to get closest to the rail you are shooting from without hitting any sides or getting the cue ball in.  So she ended up loosing in 2 straight.  I expect her to be an ok 2 for the team.

Next we played a 4.  She shot well and ended up winning.  I am amazed at how well she has improved since I joined a team she was on.  She has always had an eye for the game and wants to improve and listens well when it comes to instruction on how to improve her game.

Next a 5 of ours played against a 3 of theirs.  He ended up loosing.  He just needs to get into the habit of being more consistent when he shoots.  Just like any player consistency is an important part of the game and if any player tells you that they don't need improvement in this they are lying.

I shot fifth and they low balled me by playing a 3.  I won the first 2 then he won the next one.  During that game he was getting ready to give me ball in hand and I stopped him.  He hit his ball first and thought he didn't.  Even though I know I would of won the game with a ball in hand I cannot let someone do something when I know it is not true.  There are people in the league that would turn a blind eye to something like this and those people I do not have respect for.  So I tried for a hit and was unable to make it which gave him ball in hand and the run out.  Then I won the next 2 to bring it to the hill.  On a shot he attempted for the 8 he left me where I missed my balls giving him ball in hand on the 8.  I just gave him the game.  I didn't deserve another chance even if he missed a ball in hand on the 8 ball.

So just like the first week we took 1 and the opposing team took 4.  The only person to win was our Lady in Lady and the Tramps.  So its official, this team name is sticking around for a little while.

So the moral to take away from this match.  Play your game and play honest.  Call it how it happens and you will not only feel better about your game but you will earn the respect of the people you play against and that goes a lot farther in a pool hall then being the best shot.

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  1. david

    Nice Greg….good to see you still enjoying the game. Kick some butt.


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