Wed Night 3rd Week Recap – 6/15/2011

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This week our match was at our home location, which is Passe Temps in Lowell Ma.  We played against a team that had a highest skill level of a 5.  I decided to not play this week.  Also our lowest skill level player didn't show up so that meant not only could I not play but we only had 4 people to play.  The other team also only had four players so originally he came in and said he was going to have to forfeit his 5th match.

Now I have always been raised treat other the way you would like to be treated so I mentioned that there was a new rule in effect.  The ghost rule, which states that if you only have 4 players then the opposing team can pick a player from your team to play in the 5th spot as long as it does not put you over the 23 point rule.  So we both decided that we would be playing a ghost for the 5th match of the night.  Since we both were playing a ghost rule we also decided to be fair that we would just pick a player as we normally would instead of picking each others player to play.  I didn't think it was a good idea to have to pick the opposing teams player as after I picked one from his team, he would then be able to pick someone from our team? Just didn't make sense.

So first match we play a 4 against a 4 from their team.  The opposing team ends up winning that match.  I wanted to play a 5 against him but he had something else more pressing to do.

Next match I play my 5 and he does win but I would of rather seen him play the 4 from the previous match.

Next our 4 plays a 3 from their team.  Our 4 shot well and she came home with the win.

So now its a 2 to 1 score.  So our 5 goes up against their 5.  He ends up loosing that one.

Then for the 5th match it ends up just being the same people as the 4th match.  The same result happened.  We lost that match.

So for the night we took 2 out of 5 matches.  So now our record is 7 wins for 15 matches played.


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