Wed Night 1st Week Recap – 6/1/2011

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First pool match of the summer and we are away at our home location.  It's nice having multiple teams out of your home location because there are plenty of times you are playing on tables you are familiar with.

Well I ended up playing first and lost to a fellow teammate of mine from another night.  I wasn't on my game as much as I would of liked.  I won 2 and needed 5 to win and he ended up winning his 4.

I then decided to play a new player who starts out as a 4.  He played a 3 and she ended up winning against him 2 to 1 games.

I then played a 5 against a 6 and it was a close game where my teammate probably should of won but it was not in the cards.

I then played  Chris who is a 4 and he played against a 3 who shot well and beat him, I could see Chris was not happy with how he shot.

For the final match our only lady on the team EB played a 5 from their team.  She won the game then I showed back up and she lost a game and told me to get lost.  So I hid from her as she shot the next game and won.  Now she only needs one but before that game starts I say that's it, I am gone.  I wanted her to shoot the game she has.  She pulled through for us to not allow the sweep.

So I am thinking of renaming the team to “Lady and the Tramps”.  What do you think?

I see some practice in our future and I have plenty of drills that could be run.

Well till the next installment may your aim be on and your rails be true.


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