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The top performer award is given to the person with the best win percentage during the regular season play.  Not only is there a top performer award but also a top lady performer award given.  So on a regular league night there is usually 2 awards given out, one for the best win percentage and one to the lady with the best win percentage.  On Double Jeopardy nights there is of course a total of 4 top performer awards given out.

When I was playing in Gardner, MA I was lucky enough to receive a top performer award for Sunday night 9 ball.  But that area was unfortunately run by someone who didn't feel like rewarding the players for one all the money they put in and two for performing well.  They even make you pay for the patches that you earn during regular play.  I received a paper certificate from them congratulating me on having the best record for 9 ball for that session.

Well during the spring of 2011 I played well enough to receive another one of these Top Performer Awards.  On my Sunday night Double Jeopardy league I had the best 8 ball record out of everyone playing that session.  I am happy that I was able to shoot well enough to earn this and hopefully show my team that I am a valuable asset to the team or any team I am a member of.  Thankfully the people that run the Northeast MA APA Division care about their players and want to reward them.  I received a Top Performer Plaque from them.  Thank you Northeast MA APA for caring about your players.

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  1. Carol

    Great job, Greg! Congratulations!! = )


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