Thurs Night 3rd Week Recap – 6/16/2011

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Well I was invited to join a team out of the Tewksbury VFW for 9 ball.  So not only was I new to the team but all the members for this team play on a 8ball team on wed from the Billerica, MA Area.  This was also their first night for playing 9ball in a league format.  Not sure exactly what is going to happen for the first 2 weeks scores but I am just looking forward to shooting 9 ball on Thursdays again.

So I get there around 7 o'clock and I start shooting around with some of my fellow teammates.  The team dynamics is mostly skill level 4's and below, so me joining the team as a 7 will take some pressure off of some of the other players.  Seeing as it was the first week I would have to say the team did not do that badly.  By the end of the fourth match i think the score was 47 them to 33 us.

For the last match I get put up and the opposing team matches me by playing their 7.  In the beginning I was shooting well enough to jump to a decent lead.  Then in the middle of the match I started to die down a little.  Which allowed him to catch up to me and a little more.  So its the second to last rack of the night and he needs 1 ball to win it.  He makes his hit and drops a ball but unfortunately he scratches giving me ball in hand.  I need 7 points to take the match while he still needs one point.  There are 5 balls left on the table.  I setup and run those 5 balls out which leave me needing 1 point.  So now I am up to break and we both need one point.  I break and sink a ball.

This was a well fought match by both sides and I consider myself lucky to of had a chance to win it as I did.  When higher level players are shooting anything can happen.  I know some nights I have had nothing to shoot at or just not making my shots and other nights I have gone on 22 point tears.  All you can do is shoot the game that you were meant to shoot that day.


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