Sunday Night League 3rd Week – 6/19/2011

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Well we played at the PAV sunday night. We where up 51 to 9 by the end of the 3rd 9 ball match. The co-captain told me I was only playing 8 ball tonight.

I played the 5th match in 8 ball. They put a 5 up against me so it was. 5 to 4 race. I think he won maybe 2 games before I won my 5th match. I think my opponent was harder on himself for missing shots.

With the way my opponent stepped up to the table he already had it in his head that I was going to be a tough opponent.  Even if I wasn't shooting as well as I would of like I do not think there was a way I would of lost.  Something everyone has to learn about pool is that every time you step up to the table it is just you against the table.  The opponent has nothing to do with how you shoot.

So learn to clear your head every time you have an opportunity to stop up to the table.  See your shots, if you feel comfortable enough then look for the run out.  Then execute it as though the balls are already in the whole.


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