Sunday Night League 4th Week – 6/26/2011

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Tonight we played at passe temps.  We where suppose to be the home team but due to another event running at hour home location we went to the visiting teams place to play.  This didn't bother me one but due to the tables being in pristine condition at passe temps.

I only payed attention to 8 ball tonight so I don't have much to say about 9 ball.  First of ours to play was a 5 against their 5.  This was an interesting match as the opposing teams player has always had a interesting attitude.  Always thinks that someone is sandbagging or always has something to say towards the person he is playing.  So I knew the dynamics of the team were always going to be rough.  So the last game of this match he walked away to bring his cues to the other side of the room almost conceding the match in a manner.  We ended up winning that match four to one.

I also love to play him as one of the times I played him I made a masse shot to make the hit and it happened to drop so I was left with a 3/4 of the table length shot on the 8 ball and I made it.  But when the masse shot I made dropped he went off and said “You never miss a shot do you”.  Well that's almost what he said but I will keep this PG.  So I am almost to say I am happy to see when he is beaten in a match.  When I first met him he shot as a 4 because he was new to the area but also shot in a different division where he boasted he was a 6.  So right there I said to myself why are you shooting as a 4 to the new area when your skill level is different?  But that is the APA I guess and that is their issue.

Our second match was a 6 of ours playing against a 5 if I remember correctly.  During one of the matches he was looking at two balls to try a carrom shot.  I called a time out and told him to do a 2 rail shot at the object ball.  He hit it perfectly and dropped the object ball.  Left himself tough on the next ball but he at least had one less ball to shoot at next time he was up.  He ended up winning in 5 straight matches.  Afterwards he said that was the best timeout he has ever received and never would of looked at that shot.

The third match I played as a 6 against a 6 from their team.  I always enjoy playing the person I played against.  It is always a good match.  First game I end up winning in 1 inning.  The next game he had a chance to win but I ended up winning in 3 innings.  The third game went to three innings as well and he had his chance again to win it.  The fourth game I got my first 8 on the break in 2 sessions.  So now I am on the hill and he needs to win 5 straight to take me.  It comes down to him shooting at the 8 ball and I have one ball left.  He misses the 8 and leaves me a tough cut shot.  The object ball is about 4 inches away from the side pocket and my cue ball is about 1 inch from the side pocket on the other side of the table.  I cut it all the way down to the corner and leave myself a shot on the 8 ball into the corner pocket.  I make it and win in 5 straight. The last game took 7 innings making the 5 game match a 14 inning match.

Next match a 3 of ours plays a 3 on their team and ends up loosing two straight.

The final match a 3 of ours plays against a 4 of theirs so its a 3 to 2 race.  My teammate wins the first one so now its a 3 to 1 race.  Unfortunately they come through for the win by winning the next 3 games.

So the moral of this match is watch what you say.  Be a good sport no matter what you are thinking.  One time I dropped down to a 5 for a couple of weeks.  I was called a sand-bagger.  I know one thing is that I only know one way to play my game, some nights I am on and others I am not but one thing I do know is I have never been nor will I ever be a sand-bagger.  I now have this one person in my cross hairs even though he has started to become a better sport towards me but the way he treats other players still makes him a person that I do not have respect for in the league.  So treat others the way you want to be treated.  It may be your only chance to make an impression on someone.


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