Sun Night 1st Week Recap – 6/5/2011

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So its the first week of the double jeopardy league and my first week playing as a 7 in 9 ball.  Our first match was played at The Catcher's Mitt.  Overall the team did pretty well.

I on the other hand did not do as well as I would of liked.  I played a 3 which meant it was a 5 to 2 race.  In 8 ball which I played first I won the first one.  Lost the second one which then left it so he only needed one to win.  I did win the next few which brought it down to the hill.  I tried to make the 8 ball in the side pocket, not only did I miss the shot but I also scratched on a shot that I should not of.  Guess I didn't really look as to what was really going to happen with how I was hitting it.

Now I am up in 9 ball.  I am playing a new player in 9 ball but since he was ranked in 8 ball he played as a 5. Since this is the first week as playing as a 7 and also being the first week I know I was not shooting as well as I would of liked.  Also coming off a session where I was playing 4 nights a week I guess I am feeling a little pooled out but I know if I can learn to overcome these feelings I can become a great player.  So in the long run I got enough points for us to take the night 51 to 49 but still lost my match.  I was not happy with the way I shot.

So overall in 8 ball my team won 3 to 2 and in 9 ball we won 51 to 49.  But this is only the first week of 12 so there is plenty of time for not only me but my team to start shooting the way it should.

There are two sentences that I like to tell myself.

1. I know I am a good shot but I never claim to be unbeatable.

2. I have gotten better and I am going to continue getting better.

No matter how good someone is or claims to be they should really say those two lines to stay humble in their game.


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